Simon Stokes LIVE @ Groovebox, Dachstock, Bern (Part 1)

May 26 2009, 4:17am

Hi guys and gals..

Thanks for checking this out! Well, I am just back in Glasgow after my stay for 5 days in's an amazing country! I was over there to play at a night called Groovebox @ Dachstock, an amazing club in the centre of Bern. It was a cracking night - the club was filled up nicely and people were loving it.. ;)

Thought I'd upload a couple of vids from the night. With this one I spent a bit of time trying to line up the original video with the recorded audio so it can be heard a bit better. it's not perfect but it'll do - it's the second track that I played in my set, Simon Stokes - Caged. Pick it up on Beatport if you like it!

Thanks for watching and to everyone who came down to Groovebox. Also, if you haven't already done it yet then please check out my tenminmix and give it a comment and a rating! It's floating around the top 3 rated mixes and it is the top discussed video, so you never know, there may be a chance of stealing the prize this month! The link is:



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