Simon Stokes & Mr Copy - Live techno!

January 21 2009, 11:39pm

**UPDATE: A fully produced version of this track is available at Beatport in MP3 format or all good vinyl stores! Search for Simon Stokes & Mr Copy - Snaffle!***

Hi everyone, thanks for watching..

It's been a while since the last video of live tunage - a lot has been happening on the music front and so I haven't had time to upload. Thanks again to everyone who bought Auditory - it topped out at number 23 in the minimal charts, which I'm really happy with! There are another few EPs coming on various labels over the coming months, I'll keep you up to date! :)

Today, the phenomenal Mr Copy (Soma Records) joined me for a 3 hour session of making some live beats, and this is what came out...

The MPC is providing all of the beats and percussion, the laptop is running Ableton which is the master clock and sends the MIDI data to the Virus which is making all of the other noises. All noises generated are from hardware synths - Ableton is just for sync purposes! I know it kinda spoils the whole hardware thing having a laptop there, but we have to use it to get the beats sounding tight. :)

This was the first take, we hadn't even really thought about the arrangement much before we pressed record! Hope you like it...either way, leave us a comment!



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