Minimal Techno - MC-909 LIVE (Part 3) - Simon Stokes

August 5 2007, 10:05pm

Here's my latest minimal offering - like with all my tunes this was made in about 2 hours today, using the CS6x and MC-909 together - no computer.

I was thinking of when I saw Richie Hawtin recently at Fabric (5 hour set - oof) and the way he'd have a really basic track with a filthy sub bass, and tight percussion and he'd just play it for ages - filter the bass out for what seems like too long, make a build-up and then just drop it back in again making the crowd go nuts. That's what I was trying to achieve, suppose I'd have to hear it in a club to see if it worked though. ;)

Any questions/comments/friendly criticism warmly received. Thanks for watching...

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Thanks.. :)

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